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What the Company does : Talent Trackers are not a recruitment agent, we’re a specialist consultancy who take pride in the way we partner with our clients and candidates to effectively navigate the recruitment process..

Solution/Strategy : Our approach is different and that makes all the difference. By questioning common convention, we have developed a model that challenges the out-of-date methodologies and fee structures of traditional firms.

Work Done and Technology Used : Web Design and Web Development using WordPress.

Hitched Guest App


What the Company does : Wedding Planning, Event Planning, Portland Wedding Planner, Portland Event Planer, and Wedding Belle.

Solution/Strategy : Your friends and family members are getting married and you have a long list to maintain like when are they getting married, where are they getting married, what all ceremonies will be held? Also when and where? Hitched Guest App is here to rescue you. If you soon to be getting married friends are planning their wedding with Hitched, you can find all details regarding their wedding on Hitched Guest App..

Work Done and Technology Used : Guest Management Native Application – Guest should be able to scan QRCode to view wedding details for which they are invited. Allow Guest to search wedding by Couple name, partner name, wedding date/ month/ year. Guest should be able to upload images/ photos of moments they enjoyed. Guest should be able to view all uploaded photos in application. Guest should be able to view climate information for venue of ceremonies. Guest should be able to see places nearby venue to book a room for ceremony or wedding day..

Flexxi Lease


What the Company does : Since 2004, FLEXXiLease has become a way of life for thousands of cost-conscious UK motorists. Not only do they benefit from the flexibility and savings offered by FLEXXiLease they can be certain they are using cars featuring the latest fuel, engineering and emissions technologies helping to limit their own carbon footprint. This, together with the kudos and excitement of having a new car* delivered every 3 to 24 months, makes leasing through FLEXXilease the perfect solution to your vehicle needs.

Solution/Strategy :
• Search car online.
• Booking of required car online.
• Search quote for required specifications.
• Email quotes.
• Online payment.
• Create a highly usable, searchable and browseable product catalogue with easy social sharing options and
clear conversion points to contact for a quote.
• Grow social engagement and nurture resulting referral traffic.
• Implement a fully responsive solution with core PHP coding.

Work Done and Technology Used :
• Core PHP
• Content Strategy
• UX & Prototyping
• SEO & Analytics
• Information Architecture
• Brand Awareness With UI
• Mobile Accessibility
• Website Design

The Fitness Institute

What the Company does : Site is all about fitness institute, health, educational performance developed in wordpress with different features.

Solution/Strategy :
• Apply for fitness trainer.
• User can join the institute.
• Courses listing.
• Contacts us form.
• Create an easy and flexible blogging platform to help connect with their customers.
• Improve organic SEO search results and boost overall conversion.

Work Done and Technology Used :
• Technology : PHP
• Framework : WordPress
• Libraries : jQuery
• Database : MySQL
• Front End : HTML 5,CSS3
• Browsers : Mozilla Firefox,Chrome,IE

Dryz Bar


What the Company does : Named one of the top “100 Brilliant Ideas of 2010” by Entrepreneur Magazine and New York Magazine’s Boom Brands of 2013, Drybar is based on the simple concept of focusing on one thing and being the best at it: Blowouts. The idea was a natural one for curly haired founder Alli Webb, a longtime professional stylist, who constantly found herself overpaying for blowouts at traditional salons.

Solution/Strategy : Create the design and deployment strategy in a white label fashion to help the website designers in accomplishing the exhaustive implementation schedules.

Work Done and Technology Used : Web Design and Web Development using WordPress.



What the Company does : Selma, an architect and designer, and Suad are world travelers who have lived in seven different countries on four different continents. They have been collecting rare and exquisite furniture pieces with a global touch for over two decades.

Solution/Strategy : The designers wanted to showcase their designs in a futuristic manner to appeal to the millennial generation. We worked with the team to develop the flow of the designs on the website and create an easy buying and customer service experience.

Work Done and Technology Used : Web Design and Web Development using Magento as well as custom PHP coding to speed up high resolution image rendition on the website.



What the Company does : An exclusive women’s only network which is hyper focused to work with women-owned businesses first and all business providers are vetted with one goal in mind: promoting women in business.

Solution/Strategy : The client wanted to create a unique Marketing Strategy focused on reaching women business owners and executives and engaging them.

Work Done and Technology Used : Email marketing funnels, Social Media engagement and conversion strategy, build micro-sites and SaaS based marketing strategy.



What the Company does : Get access to doctors without appointment and long waiting times! Medlanes is easy to use and connects you with qualified doctors and industry experts in just a few clicks – whether on weekends, at night or on holiday.

Solution/Strategy : We wanted to clearly describe the purpose of doctors coming to homes with no extra charge. This needed us to design a simplistic workflow which allowed the user to Book an Appointment immediately. We also had to showcase that there is very less workflow involved to be a part of this.

Work Done and Technology Used : Web Design and Web Development using WordPress including iOS and android app development. Payment Integration and Trustpilot integration.

Matthew Rachman Gallery


What the Company does : Established in 2014, Matthew Rachman Gallery pairs modern furnishings and contemporary art to live amongst one another in an interior space. The gallery hosts five exhibitions a year, provides consulting services as well as hosting philanthropic events, weddings and other private functions.

Solution/Strategy : Create the design and develop the website to showcase the exclusive nature of the gallery and allow future and existing visitors to gain an insight into the artwork. The ability to project the grandeur of the art through a two dimensional website was the primary challenge which was accomplished using high resolution pics and simplistic site design.

Work Done and Technology Used : Web Design and Web Development using Squarespace. Including picture gallery updates as well as weekly blog detailing the events and the ethos behind the gallery.

Sysnet Solutions


What the Company does : An end to end IT and Cloud Solutions provider which works with enterprises and medium sized business as a Managed Solutions Provider taking care of the IT Infrastructure.

Solution/Strategy : The client wanted to create a simple digital presence showcasing the details of their services as well as all types of engagements which they provide.

Work Done and Technology Used : Web Design and Web Development using WordPress including custom PHP development to articulate some service and product details.

Parampara USA


What the Company does : Parampara School of Music, an affiliate of Sarbhabhartita Sangit o Sanksriti Parishad (SSSP), is a music school based out of Connecticut, USA. True to its name, Parampara is an institute that carries on the tradition of Indian music, in a land far from their origin, and in fact gives it new roots by spreading the love and appreciation of the Indian music amongst local people and our next generation.

Solution/Strategy : Created a custom CSS/HTML WordPress based design to bring in the earthy feel of Music School from India as well make sure its certifications and affiliations are front and center.

Work Done and Technology Used : Custom CSS/HTML, WordPress Theme Build Out, Hosting, SEO and Yearly Maintenance.



What the Company does : : An event/conference discovery website whose mission is for the Convention Nation of Attendees and Exhibitors to have the best experience possible at the conferences, conventions and trade shows they attend.

Solution/Strategy : The client wanted a long term Marketing Strategy and Operations roadmap to run the operations of the portal and reach more visitors.

Work Done and Technology Used : New event Curation, SEO based event addition for annual events and featured non-duplicate content allowed the websites to go from 500 visitors per months to 30K visitors per month.

FCC Charity


What the Company does : A local charity website associated to a golf club positively impact our local community through fundraising efforts and awarding grants to charitable organizations.

Solution/Strategy : The client wanted to create a simple web presence showcasing the fundraising and supported organizations as well as allow newer organizations to apply.

Work Done and Technology Used : Web Design and Web Development using SquareSpace including creating and integrated intake form from local non-profit organizations.

Reiki Fitness


What the Company does : A Reiki and Fitness Coach who works with individual clients, corporates and event based Reiki sessions to move the customer towards a wholistic fitness and wellness paradigm.

Solution/Strategy : The client wanted the website to closely match with their brand’s energy and vibrancy as well as automating their lead generation.

Work Done and Technology Used : Web Design and Web Development using WordPress including creating and integrated intake funnel using Google Analytics and Segment.

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